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Ashstone Labrador Retrievers

Cheryl & David Drake
Victoria Harbour, Ontario

Our Story

We got our first purebred Labrador Retriever in 1979. He was a big, beautiful black male named "Tonmar's Black Stone" called 'Stone'. He was also affectionately called 'Rocky' and 'Bonehead'. He grew up with our three children and was incredibly gentle around small babies.

We decided to purchase a Labrador after much investigation into several breeds. We felt, with the children, we wanted a breed that had a reputation of being loyal, affectionate, easy going and smart.

Stone was all of these and much, much more. He travelled across Canada with us in a motorhome, loved ice cream cones and put up with whatever the children could dish out. He spoiled us rotten with his love and loyality. We always felt safe when 'Ol Stoney' was with us.

We moved to the farm in 1988 and I decided that as a hobby I would show and breed Labradors. The children were in school full time now and I had a lot of spare time on my hands. We purchased a black, show quality female and called her "Ashley", 'Corhampton's Lady Ashley'.

Hence came our kennel name: ASHSTONE - a little bit Ashley and a little bit Stone. Ashley later became the mother of our precious, little, picture perfect "Boomer". We were honoured in 1994 with the Pedigree "Top Breeder Award" for Labrador Retrievers.

Our Breeding Philosophy

We believe temperament, soundness and good looks go hand in hand. Our selective breeding program, using only hip and eye clear stock, produces sound puppies with wonderful personalities, intelligence and working ability for show, field, obedience and as family companions. We breed following the guidelines set out in the Official Canadian Breed Standard for the Labrador Retriever. All puppies are born and raised in the home so a watchful eye can be kept on their physical and social well-being.

Adopting a puppy is a commitment that
should not be entered into lightly.

Please, think before you buy!

We have older retired females available.   Click here to learn more about them.

About Ashstone Kennels ...

Our Kennel
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About Our Labrador Retrievers ...

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Our Girls
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Coat Colour Inheritance Chart
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Please contact us for more information about our Labradors:

Ashstone Labradors

David & Cheryl Drake
1196 Reeves Rd. - R.R. #2,
Victoria Harbour, Ontario,
Canada, L0K 2A0
(705) 534-7654

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