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Placement of Older Puppies and Adults

The Placements of OLDER PUPPIES, YOUNG ADULTS, and OLDER LABS are often available for a variety of reasons. Often with Older Puppies and Young Adults, it is because they did not turn out to be the "perfect" Show Prospect and Breeding Quality the breeder was hoping for. Even though they may not meet the breeder's requirements, they still make Sweet, Wonderful, Loving Companions. With Older Labs, they are sometimes available when they are no longer used for Breeding, and their Show career is over. In most cases when a family chooses to take an Older Lab, they still will have many wonderful years to enjoy their new member of the family. These dogs are well socialized, trained, and housebroken. If you're life style doesn't permit the time necessary for a very young puppy then consider adding an older puppy or adult to your family.


Bralex Cloe At Ashstone


BD: 08/14/01

Ashstone's Maple Sugar


BD: 04/16/01

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