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Housetraining Your New
Labrador Retriever Puppy ...

peeingpup.gif Everyone looks forward to the day when their Labrador Retriever puppy will be trained to do their business outside.  Using proper technique, this process need not be a long, drawn out ordeal.  Crate training your Labrador Retriever (see "crate training" section) goes hand in hand with housetraining.  When in their crates, Labrador Retriever puppies will not soil, unless the puppy absolutely cannot help it due to being left too long or due to a bout of diarrhea..  The crate helps Labrador puppies to "hold it" and when used properly is an effective aid in housetraining.

  Labrador Retriever puppies need to relieve themselves a lot !!  That is rule number one.  Puppies pee whenever they wake up, after drinking, during play sessions, and well, just about every couple of hours other than that.  They will poo after eating (right after eating) and in the morning and in the evening.  A completely untrained puppy will relieve him/herself whenever the urge strikes.  Training is the process of getting the pup to "hold" it until it is appropriate.  As Labrador puppies try not to soil in their crate, this is the first step in getting them used to holding it (just remember there are limits as to how long they can hold it even in their crate).  Therefore, whenever you take the pup out of the crate, take it outside to where you want the pup to go.  At first you will want to carry your Lab pup to the spot otherwise they will squat to go on the way there.  Whenever the puppy eats or drinks, immediately after -- take it outside.  Whenever puppy is having a playtime, partway through -- take it outside.

  Whenever you take your puppy out to do it's business praise it as soon as it starts to and continue praising in a  happy, excited voice.  Labrador Retrievers respond very well to praise.  Conversely, at first, when puppy has an "accident" in the house ignore it, clean it up and say nothing.  The difference between excited praise outside, and dead silence inside becomes very apparent a Lab puppy.  Scolding for indoor "accidents" should only occur if after a few weeks puppy is still messing inside and only if you catch them in the act.  If you do, then say no firmly and take puppy outside.  Continue hearty praising for business done outdoors.  Never, never, never, rub the puppy's nose in it's mess.  This achieves nothing, is disgracing to your Labrador, and quite simply, the pup won't understand why this is being done.  In fact, I dare say the pup will think you've gone a little crazy!!

  Housetraining is a process involving commitment, supervision and patience.  It is not difficult to housetrain a Labrador Retriever, but requires consistency and persistency.  Most of all it calls for kindness and praise, as does all training with Labrador Retrievers (or any animal).  We call it housetraining, not housebreaking -- the difference being that anything called training denotes kindness and patience.

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