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Ashstone Kennel is located in Ontario, Canada.  I have been actively showing and breeding Labrador Retrievers since the late 1980's.  Looking for a new challenge in 2000 I discovered a fantastic breed, the "Havanese".

I researched the breed and found many enthusiastic breeders who were smitten with this little dog from Cuba.  One breeder told me, "They (the Havanese) are the 'Labs' of the Toy Group".  That was just what I was looking for, a dog totally different in physical characteristics than the Lab but still having a wonderful temperament.

The fact that they are non shedding, odorless and non allergenic was a plus.  Although I do admit that the grooming part is a real challenge for me, I'm used to the "wash & wear" Labrador!! The  primary reason for my breeding a litter is motivated by my desire to keep a puppy or two, in order to continue on with my bloodlines.  I keep what I feel will be an asset to my breeding program, and the remainder of the puppies are placed as pets into loving family homes.

I enjoy showing my dogs at shows & specialties in Canada and the United States, and have had the good fortune to have bred and shown some noteworthy winners. 

We believe temperament, soundness and good looks go hand in hand. Our selective breeding program, using only dogs that have been tested free of genetic problems, produces sound, typey puppies with wonderful personalities and intelligence. For show and family companions, our dogs do it all! 

All puppies are born and raised in our home so a watchfull eye can be kept over their physical and social well-being. A written warrantee comes with every puppy. 

Both David and I are enchanted with this breed. They are definately 'little charmers'.  They always bring a smile to your face with their antics and they get along so well with the Labs, it's like they have been with us forever.  So ya'all come back often and visit the "little clowns" of Ashstone.


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Ashstone Havanese

David & Cheryl Drake
1196 Reeves Rd. - R.R. #2,
Victoria Harbour, Ontario,
Canada, L0K 2A0
(705) 534-7654

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