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About the Havanese


The Havanese is an intelligent, robust and affectionate little dog. As natural show-offs and clowns, they are often the center of attention. They thrive on human companionship, and do not fair well if left alone for long periods of time. Excellent with children, they are very playful, yet gentle. (A small child should always be supervised with any breed of dog).

The Havanese can be a good watch-dog, because of their alert demeanor and close relationship with their family. They will bark at strange noises, but are not constant barkers. A small dog that is equally at home, actively playing or snuggling on a lap.

One owner summed it up very well. "The Havanese is extremely affectionate, very devoted and always entertaining". This very special little dog can bring years of love and loyalty, when treated with kindness and love in return.


The Havanese is a sturdy, short legged dog with a soft profuse, untrimmed coat. His plumbed tail is carried over his back. He is an affectionate, happy dog with a lively, springy gait.

The Havanese have large almond shaped dark eyes with a gentle expression. Eye rims, like the nose are black (except for chocolate shaded coats, whose eye rims are self-colored).

The beauty of the breed is enhanced by a profuse coat from wavy to curly which comes in a great variety of colors-cream, white, blue, champagne, gold, sable, black and chocolates, (appropriately named TOBACCO BROWN), or a combination of any of these. This rainbow of colors is one aspect that distinguishes this breed from the others in the Bichon family. No preference is given to one color over another. All are favorable and add to the charm and beauty of the Havanese

The Havanese are non-shedding and odorless. Their coat is easy to keep if brushed at least twice a week along with periodic bathing.

Even though the Havanese is a small breed and is considered a toy breed, they are not meant to be a tiny, fragile dog. They may be small in stature, but they are muscular, and very lively with great stamina.