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Deposit Contract

(Once you have been approved for a puppy, please fill out this form online and then print from your browser. 
Sign and mail with the appropriate deposit fee to Ashstone Kennels at the address below.)


Applicant: Breeder: Cheryl & David Drake
Address: Ashstone Reg'd Kennels
City: Address: R. R. #2
Province/State: 1196 Reeves Rd.
Postal/ZIP Code: Victoria Harbour, ON  L0K 2A0
Country: Canada
Telephone: Telephone: (705) 534-7654
Email Address: Email:

1.    The applicant(s) ensures that the information given to the breeder is truthful and accurate.

2.    The applicant(s) has read Ashstone Reg. Kennels Agreement for Sale.

3.    The applicant(s) shall pay an application fee of $ in consideration of a puppy described below:

First Choice Colour: Sex:
Second Choice Colour: Sex:


4.     The applicant understands that if a puppy of their chosen colour & sex is not available then the applicant shall either accept a puppy of their second choice sex/colour if available or wait for a puppy of their first chosen sex & colour from the next available litter.

5.     The applicant(s) understands that the puppies are chosen on the basis of the order in which application fees are received and that �show quality� puppies receive priority over �pet quality� puppies.  The breeder reserves the right to choose the puppy for the applicant.

6.     The breeder cannot and does not in any manner, guarantee the applicant a puppy from their litter of choice.  While the breeder is careful not to over-commit the puppies from any given litter, the breeder cannot make guarantees where less than 6 puppies are born.

7.     The applicant(s) understands that the application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  Should the applicant decide not to be considered for a puppy, the applicant forfeits his/her application fee.

8.     The breeder reserves the right to not place a puppy with the applicant should the breeder feel that the applicant cannot provide a suitable home.  Such decision may result from, but is not limited to, occasion where the applicant has given non-factual information to the breeder.  In the case where the breeder chooses not to place a puppy with the applicant the breeder shall refund the application fee.

9.     The application fee for a Ashstone puppy is $.  In the case where this fee has been paid by cheque and the cheque is returned N.S.F. the application shall replace the payment in cash and pay to Ashstone an additional $25.00 for service charges incurred.  Failure to make such payment shall void the application and the applicant(s) shall no longer be considered for a puppy.

10.     Final payment shall be in cash, certified cheque, bank draft, or money order prior to the puppy leaving Ashstone.

11.     The applicant further agrees to the following terms:

(a)    visitation of puppies shall not occur before the puppies are four weeks.  Visitation is by appointment and is at the discretion of the breeder (dependent on the health and comfort of the mother and her puppies).  Puppies shall be handled at the discretion of the breeder only and parents must ensure that children are supervised at all times, that the mother and puppies are treated kindly and carefully.  Adverse behaviour will result in termination of visitations.

(b)     Puppies are released from Ashstone Kennels between 7 - 8 weeks.  Ashstone Kennels will hold puppies after the 56th day at the cost of $15.00 per day.

The application fee of $ is hereby made on this day of , .



________________________________           ___________________________________
Applicant                                                           Applicant

(Please sign here and return with your deposit)