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Havanese Breeder

Ashstone's Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

We appreciate your taking the time to complete this application and provide the necessary information. The Havanese is an amazingly intelligent, lively and playful companion.  It is very devoted to its owners and immediately shows its affection for you and your family from the moment you bring it home.

The Havanese is born to live in your home and not in a patio or a kennel but at the same time, it requires exercise because of its vitality. They love to be spoiled, carried and caressed. There can be no doubt that the Havanese is one of the world's most devoted companion animals.

Completion of this application does not ensure you will receive one of our puppies and we may not have puppies for several months at the time you do apply. The questions are meant as a tool to help us get to know you a little better and if you should have any questions for us please don't hesitate to ask away. When you have finished the application please print off a copy for your own records and then click on the Submit button. We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the application.

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Email Address:
Home phone #:
Work phone #:
Postal/Zip Code:
How many individuals involved with Havanese do you know?
Type of dwelling? Home
If renting, please give name and address of landlord:
Who will be the primary caregiver?
Where will the puppy be kept during the day?
During the night?
Will someone be available to feed/exercise the puppy during the day? Yes
Have you ever owned a dog before? Yes
What kind?
How Long?
If you do not own the dog any longer, why not?
Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals? Yes
If yes, to what and how severe?
Have you consulted with your allergist about getting a havanese? Yes
What sex do you prefer? Male
Preferred age Puppy
Young Adult
Older Adult
What is your expected energy level of the Havanese to be?
Have you ever housetrained a dog before? Yes
Will you be attending any training classes? Yes
IF you have ever given away a pet before, please list the circumstances.
Have you ever turned a pet over to a shelter or pound? Yes
Under what circumstances?
Are you interested in participating in any of the following activities? Conformation Showing
Therapy dog
Have you ever shown a dog to its championship? Yes
Do you intend to breed this dog? Yes
Are you willing to sign a spay/neuter contract if purchasing a pet? Yes
Do you have a fenced yard or other suitable pen for your havanese? Yes
Who referred you to us?
Do you have any questions?

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Wait for the form to submit, then click the 'continue' button at the top of the page.
Thank you for you time and patience.

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Ashstone Havanese

Owned and Loved by Cheryl & David Drake

Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada


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Revised: October 31, 2010