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Havanese Puppy/Dog Application
We appreciate your taking the time to complete this application and provide the necessary information, so we can get to know you better. The Havanese is an amazingly intelligent, lively, mischievous, playful companion. It is very devoted to its owners and immediately shows its' affection for you and your family from the moment you bring it home.
Phone Number
Answer the following question and click "Done" when finished.
(Questions marked with an asterisk * are required)
* Alternate Phone #
* Employer
* Other Living With You?
* Do You have Children, if so how many and what ages?
* What is the timeframe you are wanting a puppy?
* If one is not currently available, are you willing to place a deposit on a future litter?
Yes llllllll No
* Whose idea was it to bring a Havanese into your family?
* Is your family fully supportive of the idea?
* Why did you choose the Havanese breed?
* What research have you done on this breed?
* Have you actually seen, played and held a Havanese in person?
* What characteristics do you want in your Havanese? Please describe the kind of puppy you would like (is there something specific as to sex, color, size, height, age, etc. that you are looking for)?
* How do you imagine a dog fitting into your lifestyle? Please explain
* Do you travel mostly by plane or car for a vacation? Are you planning on taking your Havanese with you? If not, Where will you leave it?

* Please describe the personality of your perfect puppy?
* Do you have a fenced in yard? If so, please describe.
* What are your thoughts on disciplining a puppy?
* Where do you envision you new puppy sleeping?
* How many hours a day will your dog or puppy be without human companionship each day?
* Do you plan on enrolling your puppy in obedience classes?
Yes llllllll No
* Do you plan on breeding your Havanese?
Yes llllllll No
* Do you plan on showing your Havanese in Conformation or Obedience or Agility?
Yes llllllll No
If you plan on showing your Havanese, have you ever finished a dog to its AKC championship?
If you plan on showing it, would you show it yourself or have a professional handler show it?
* Have you ever bred this breed or another breed or species of animals?
* Do you currently have any other pets? Please explain.
* Have you ever owned a pet in the past? If so, what breed and for how long and what happened to them?
* Have you ever had to give up a pet in the past - return it to its breeder, give it away, resell it or surrender it to a human society/rescue or like organization? Why?
* Please provide us with 1 personal and 1 vet reference. Name, Address, Phone and email if possible.