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We are not accepting reservations until the puppies are born, although we are maintaining a waiting list. (In fact, we already have several families on our waiting list at this time!)
Once a litter is born, we will post a litter announcement and photos, along with the date at which the puppies will be ready to go to their new homes, and begin accepting deposits. (We usually wait a week  to make sure all the puppies are doing well.)  Please understand when you decide to put a deposit on a puppy that the deposit is non-refundable, so make sure that the timing is right for your family!
Puppy photos are posted on the website weekly as each litter develops, so that potential owners can follow their progress as they mature. In general, we do not start sorting out the puppies until they are between 6 and 7 weeks old, so that we can match the personality of the puppies with the right owners. At 8 weeks, (once the litters are sorted out and puppies are matched with their new owners), the remainder of the purchase price is due and exact pickup dates will be scheduled.

Before committing to a Bydand puppy, potential owners need to understand that they must be prepared to come and pick up their puppies at the specified time. We do not ship puppies, we do not meet people halfway, and we do certainly do not deliver!

The reason for this is simple --- our girls are  loving and extremely conscientious mothers. These traits are most definitely genetic and we have selected for them over many generations. In the world of domestic dogs, puppies are separated from their mothers much earlier than they would be in the wild, and canine mothers who have been selectively bred for good maternal instincts worry about their puppies if they do not know where they are, and will often go looking for them.
Because of this, we make sure our girls get to meet and approve of the people who are taking their puppies, and we always let them walk the puppies to the car to see them off, because it lessens their stress levels about the whole litter dispersal process.

We are located in East Central Florida, about an hour from Orlando and 25 minutes from Daytona Beach, both of which have good air connections. (Orlando is served by JetBlue, which often has the best deals and accepts puppies in the cabin.)

When you come to pick up your puppy, he'll have his own tote bag to take home.
In it will be:

His "Bydand Puppy Book"
This includes his pedigree, registration papers, photos of the puppy and his parents, copies of the parents' health clearances, feeding and vaccination instructions, a signed Well-Puppy exam form from our vet, and the puppy's vaccination and worming records. This loose-leaf binder should be taken to the puppy's vet with him on each visit, and can be added to as needed so it becomes his personal health record.

A small bag of Purina ProPlan and a small bag of powdered egg for the trip home

His own personal stuffed toy that smells like his mom and littermates
A chewie to keep him occupied on the trip home

We also provide a small nylon puppy collar (so you won't have to guess the right size) and lead.
(We do require that you have a tag made in advance with your phone # on it and bring it
along so it can be attached to his collar before he leaves.)