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French Bulldogs by Absolut Bullmarket

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Our Policies on Sales and Placements

Delilah, Brindle French BulldogAll of our puppies are sold with a (rather detailed) contract. Please take a look at it before considering contacting us about purchasing a dog (acrobat reader required). At this time, our pet quality puppies are all $3,000.

All pet French Bulldogs are placed on a mandatory spay/neuter policy, with limited non breeding registration. This means that if you are in any other country but Canada, your puppy will NOT be registrable with your country's registry body.

All of our puppies are Canadian Kennel Club registered. The CKC takes considerably longer to provide paperwork than the AKC does, so be prepared to wait for as much as six months after purchase for your paper work to arrive.

We have the occasional show puppy available on co ownership to serious show homes, both obedience, rally and conformation. These dogs will be placed on co ownership only, and references will be required. Contact us to discuss this in further detail.

We do not ship our puppies - you will have to pick them up in person. As mentioned earlier, we're located near Mount Forest, Ontario, about 45 minutes north of Guelph, and two hours NW of Toronto. We're closest to the Buffalo/Niagara Falls border, or the Hamilton or Toronto Airport if you're flying in. There are private airfields able to easily accomodate private jets within a twenty minute drive of us.

We do not sell older dogs or bitches. If and when the (very occasional) older dog is available for placement, they require a donation to Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue of $800, and a completed placement application. All dogs will be altered before being placed, and standard mandatory return policies apply.

What Comes Along with Your Puppy

All puppies come with:

- a baby book containing care information
- a suggested shopping list
- a list of suggested books and reference manuals
- a copy of their pedigree
- a DVD with all of their baby photos and videos, playable in any DVD player
- a folder with Hi Res digital copies of their baby photos, suitable for printing
- a 1 week supply of raw dog food, along with a booklet explaining the benefits of raw
- coupon for a free bag of premium dry food, if you choose not to feed raw
- Sixty days worth of pet insurance (valid only in Canada)
- Their microchip implanted, along with a collar tag with their microchip ID information
- an engravable collar tag
- a puppy toy imprinted with the smell of their littermates & mother, for ease of transition to puppy's new home


We also now offer an optional "New Puppy Starter Kit", which includes all the basics you need for your new pup, including:

- A medium sized 2 door crate with divider
- Fleece crate bed
- two stainless steel dog bowls w paw print design
- Lupine collar and leash (pink paw print pattern for girls, blue paw print pattern for boys)
- "Skineez" non stuffed toy (great for shaking and tossing around)
- Puppy sized nylabone
- spray bottle of Bitter Apple (keeps pups from chewing furniture)
- package of three marrow bones
- package of Dehydrated Liver or Lung Treats (for training)
- Clicker Training Kit (includes clicker and book)
- Full one month supply of raw diet w cooler
- 30 g of Best in Show probiotic paste

Pricing on request - aprox 40% less than retail, and will be ready for you when you pick up your puppy.

We are available to you and your new pet for life - contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns. We will occasionally send along a follow up questionnaire along with your new puppy, for you to complete and return to us in a year's time. This will allow us to track the health and well being of our puppies. We ask that you keep us informed of any address or phone numbers changes, so that we are able to contact you

Puppies are sold with a mandatory return clause. This means they can never, ever be sold, traded, given away or placed with anyone other than the person purchasing the puppy. If for any reason you are unable to keep them, they MUST be returned to us. We will pursue any and all legal avenues necessary to ensure this is adhered to, and I will be un forgivingly ruthless about this clause, with no exceptions.

We have a large number of information sheets for you to read before your puppy comes home. Among them, you'll find a shopping list for essential items to pick up before your puppy arrives.

We suggest that you print out any you find interesting, and put them into the baby book we'll be sending along with your puppy when he comes home.

For more information, email


The Application Process

We no longer maintain a waiting list. What this means is that we no longer retain inquiries from interested purchasers indefinately, since we always suggest that, since we breed so infrequently, you should feel welcome to look at other sources for your potential puppy, rather than waiting on one from us. Our new application process is as follows:

Subscribe to our low volume mailing list. You'll find details on doing so at

The mailing list is used to make announcements regarding planned litters, whelped litters, and available puppies. We'll also use it to occasionally announce puppies which other breeders we respect have available. It is very low volume, and you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time - say, for example, if you find a puppy from another breeder.

Once we have announced that we have a puppy available for placement to a good home, we'll then request that anyone interested fill out a placement application, and send us a personal email message to follow up the application. At this time, we'll begin considering applications, in an attempt to find the best possible home for each puppy. A completed application and deposit will be required at that time.

We have adopted this method of puppy placements because it's simply become impossible for us to spend the time needed corresponding with every person who contacts us potentially looking for a puppy. We're worried that our time contrastraints are causing us to miss wonderful homes, because we didn't have a chance to follow up on their application. We also are hesitant to contact people who have submitted applications months or even years beforehand. Since we don't breed dogs for a living, keeping track of all of the applications we receive has become a monumental challenge and strain on our available time. We want to make sure that anyone interested in a puppy from us is aware when we have pups available. We hope this new process will make that more possible.

If you have submitted an application form to us in the past, we will endeavour to keep in touch with you - however, we still strongly urge you to subscribe to our mailing list, so that your application is not overlooked accidentally.


What We Require From You

Be prepared to provide us with details on:

Your home - rental, owned, fenced/un fenced, swimming pool, condo association regulations, etc
Your family - members, ages, any infirmities or allergies
Any other pets
Veterinary references
Information on whether you work in or out of the home
Previous pet ownership experience

Again, we ask for this because we wish to be sure that the home each of our puppies goes to is a forever home.

We ask that you and your veterinarian please continue to follow the Jean Dodd's vaccination protocol which we have started your puppy on. We feel that the avoidance of over inoculation will give your new pet the best chance to develop a health immune system. As well, we strongly prefer that you feed one of the foods we recommend, or, better still, raw feed or home cook.

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